Mt Lawley Golf Club Scrutinised

Mt Lawley Golf Club Tree Removal

Gardening Expert Sabrina Hahn EXPOSES Mt Lawley Golf Club’s PLANNED 550 TREE REMOVAL.

“It’s not a good enough excuse to take out a 60 year old tree!”

“The more trees they take out the hotter they are going to make that golf course!”

“Your are looking at 20 years before you get canopy back [from a newly planted tree]”

“To remove 550 trees is going to make an enormous impact on the heat that is generated in that area!”

Horticultural professional Sabrina Hahn talks to ABC Perth Morning Radio Presenter Nadia Mitsopolous and raises serious questions about Mt Lawley Golf Club’s planned removal of 550 trees in light of a 2020 professional arborist report by ArborCarbon.

ArborCarbon found that of all the trees around the golf course playing area, only 39 were deemed to be a risk and in need of removal and a further 14 were already dead. Click on the link below to listen.



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