Result Announced

An incumbent Lawley Ward Councillor has not been defeated since 1978 and that will remain so for at least the next 2 years.

S. Migdale 2079
P. Collins 1970
L. Nicol 695
C. Silwimba 518
J. Woodward 332

J. Shah 180

Informal – 52

TOTAL 5826 votes out of 21,836 eligible voters or a return rate of just 26.70%

Local Government does not have preferential voting.

I called Ms Migdale on Saturday night to congratulate her.

I am so humbled because I honestly believe I know or met just about every one of my 1,970 voters wanting change during this campaign and that is a great reward for a community candidate like me.

Thank you to my voters for your support and especially my volunteers for your time, hard work and support as well as all who have sent their well wishes to me during the campaign.

Collins4Community will continue to stand up for the Community.

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